Adam, God made from the dust,
But thought it best to make me first.

So I was made before the man,
A part of God's most holy plan.

A living "soul" I became,
But Adam failed to call my name.

I did my Maker's law obey,
Nor ever went from it astray.

Thousands of miles, I go in fear,
But seldom on earth do I appear.

For purpose wise, which God did see,
He put a living "soul" in me.

A "soul" from me God did claim,
And took from me the "soul" again.

So when from me the "soul" had fled,
I was the same as when first made.

Without hands or feet I go,
I travel on from pole to pole.

From my presence a rain does fly,
A cloud I form beneath the sky.

I labor hard by day, by night,
To fallen man I gave great light.

Thousands of people, young and old,
Did by my death great light behold.

No right or wrong can I conceive,
The Scripture I cannot believe.

Although my name therein is found,
They are to me an empty sound.

Now when these lines you slowly read,
Go search your Bible with all speed.

For that my name is written there,
I do honestly to you declare.