Here we have a Bible word game for you. Read the phrases that follow quickly. They look like nonsensical words, but when you say them quickly, you will hear a familiar Bible phrase. 

For example: Tan yell hen tea lye yawns ten. Read quickly, you hear the phrase, Daniel and the lions den.

Thanks to Becky Stanton for submitting these:

1. Seive fence it teas half rough huge.
2. Pear reached two hue itch rough are off.
3. War sheep tea lowered hen deep hue tea hovel hole lean hiss.
4. Calm he plus set off nigh froth her.
5. Hogging off bay shun.

6. Thatch if car nurse down

7. Huff nigh hand fin he has

8. Tea chess tune hum bore art A's

9. Heath hat Athen near led Tim mirror

10. Marge off there end boat Dane Jill