The Middle East and Your Future

A four part video tape series

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Tape 1 focuses on:

The Jews and Arabs.  Who are they?  Why can't they live in peace?  Why is the conflict between them so intense?  Is there any hope that the conflict between Jews and Arabs can be resolved?

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Tape 2 focuses on:

Four fundamental characteristics of Bible prophecy.

A comparison of Bible prophecy with the prophecies of Nostradamus and Jean Dixon.

A prophecy of Daniel that serves as a key to understanding many other Bible prophecies.

The Bible's proven track record of accuracy in its predictions, and why it is especially important to pay attention to Bible prophecy in our day.

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Tape 3 focuses on:

How and where the Bible says Jesus will return.

What Jesus will do when he comes.

The signs of Christ's coming that we should look for, and how we can recognize them as happening right now.

Warning against false prophets, and motivation to be ready for the true Messiah.

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Tape 4 focuses on:

What the Bible says the Kingdom of God will be like.

How God's promises, His Kingdom and the nation of Israel relate to the true Christian hope.

God's judgments on those who have rejected Him, and His removal of all wrongdoing from the earth.

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