16 Books of the Bible
A Prophet and Princess
I am the Riddler
Follow as I go from Adam unto death
Before I was seen
Go backwards in time with me
Backstroke Breaststroke
Seive fence it teas half rough huge
Strength of Yah am I
By night came a separatist, a victor among his people
Tea sore dove tea lowered hand-off kid he on
Adam, God made from the dust
Five hundred begins it; five hundred ends it
My center is nothing
Four heads have I, but body none
In the water, in the air, and in the busy brain
It is a word I love to hear
In many a bosom fondly nursed
A Search for Wisdom takes us to Great Lengths.
I Fled from Lightning
You Might Find me at the Beach
I am of the House of the Poor Afflicted Ones
Matthew is not My Son
Once There Were Five
What Has Four Wings and Cannot Fly?
Within my confines every creature did dwell
My name gives witness to how I was saved
First bright to the eye, and near to the ear
Seen in the sky, across all the land
Hands bearing blood

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